I’m Christina Helena.
The creator of My SCAR is Sexy.
A blog about the human experience.
My human experience.
The universal, human experience.
Self-responsibility for our life creates,
Self-leadership for our desires.
If you are lucky, you will have an identity crisis,
And discover who you are.
You can’t bullshit the soul.
I learned that.
When you face your scars,
You see the truth.
You see YOU.
I want you to want your potential.
I want you to desire to see yourself.
But, it demands your self-responsibility.
YOU. Are the catalyst. 

Let’s talk.

xx // Christina  


I write about the human experience.

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meet christina

Here is my story.  

Christina Helena is a writer, performer, speaker and self-responsibility revolutionary. She is redefining and modernizing the stigma behind trauma and pain with one simple thought: Your scar is the sexiest thing about you.

As one of the youngest pancreatic cancer survivors with a thirteen inch scar across her abdomen, Christina knows the physical and emotional toll that our scars have on our self-worth and ability to love ourselves. 

Given six months to live Christina asked herself: “What do you want more, your potential or to run away from the pain?”

As a highly sought-after keynote speaker on personal development and purpose, she is helping others reprogram their thoughts that have been shaped by trauma so they can become so cemented in their truth that no one can knock them over. 

With a Master’s degree in Consciousness Studies, she offers a refreshing and captivating take on the soul and consciousness from a philosophical perspective.

Most recently, she spoke about the perceived fear of mortality humans have as a substitution for the need of self-responsibility for resolution of one’s pain at the TEDxSouthLakeTahoe event. 

An inspirational force and classically trained performer, Christina’s story is currently in development as an off-Broadway, autobiographical solo show entitled SCAR, to be directed by the award-winning director Larry Moss.

Christina says it best, “Self-leadership is the process by which you influence yourself to achieve your objectives.”

Bachelor’s in Communication Arts
Master’s in Classical Performance
Master’s in Consciousness Studies